10 reasons to grow your own herbs

Woo hoo, it’s Bank Holiday Weekend! 

The sun is shining here at Shedquarters and after an unseasonably chilly few weeks I was so excited I jumped up at 6am and headed to my favourite place – the garden! 

Nothing today will wipe my cheesy grin away as I sit having a morning cuppa in the sunshine.  It’s amazing what a little shot of Vitamin D does for the soul.

Much as I’d love to languish all day in the sun, sipping a cool drink or two & catching up on some reading I’ve a little planting out and new sowing to do! The languishing will be my reward later.

If the sunshine isn’t an inspiring enough reason to get started growing then here’s my Top 10 reasons to grow your own herbs.

Grow your own herbs

1. Home grown herbs taste better (amazing in fact) especially when harvested at micro-green / leaf stage after 7-14 days.

2. You don’t need a garden – herbs are great for growing on the windowsill, indoors or out.

3. Growing your own herbs means they last longer than supermarket herbs and save you money!

4. You can never have too many – there are so many ways to store and preserve your harvest.  See our Herbalicious Pinterest Board for lots of inspiration.

5. As well as tasting delicious, fresh herbs are a great way to boost your meal’s vitamin value.

grow your own herbs and edible flowers

6. Fresh herbs and edible flowers can elevate both the taste and look of dishes.

7. Just spending 5 mins a day tending to your herb garden indoors or outside can help alleviate stress. The amazing scents will delight your soul.

8. Fresh herbs are pretty resilient and easy to grow with a little care. More tips on growing & caring can be found here.

9. There are a huge range of varieties available.

10. They make the best additions to cocktails and desserts!

You don’t have to be a serious gardener to grow your own herbs and they can grow in the smallest of places.  Unlike veg, herbs only need 4 hours of sunshine a day and they are so versatile. When deciding where to grow your herbs, site them near the kitchen or on the windowsill inside or outside to make them easier to care for and harvest.

Start with just a few of the herbs you eat the most and be careful not to over-water –  this is one of most common reasons for herbs dying.  

Once you’ve tasted fresh grown herbs you’ll be hooked and like me, use them every opportunity you can. So whether it’s home-made mint-tea, fresh herb cocktails or making your own herb butters a bank holiday is a great time to get started.  Soon you’ll have an abundance of fragrant & delicious fresh herbs in your kitchen.

Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend!