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let-it-grow#growyourownfood or a first time grower it’s time start planning & sowing now. Whatever size of space you have available, good planning will help to maximise the best of every season. We’re here to help you this season and throughout the year.

Every month we’re blogging the best of what to sow, grow, harvest and cook seasonally.  Plant-n-Grow’s Monthly Sow, Grow & Cook Guide. Sign up today to receive our Monthly Guides. New to Plant-n-Grow this year is our Kids Ready to Sprout Guide. Created especially for junior growers and their edible spaces. They are the future after all. This year we’ll be encouraging their exciting independent growing journeys!

Each month, we’ll be giving you the low-down on
– what’s harvesting and how to store, preserve or use with simple, delicious recipes
– what’s best to sow now indoors and outdoors & how
– growing tips for you’re monthly harvest

Our Seasonal Ready to Sprout Guide is just for kids! For all the mini spouters and growers we’ll be sharing a seasonal sowing, growing and activity guide including indoor and outdoor projects, awesome facts and their very own guide.