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Meet Our Team

Team Plant-n-Grow

Here at Shedquarters we just love our food! FRESH, HEALTHY and SEASONAL – and there’s no better tasting food than when you grow it!

Whether it’s a windowsill indoors or full size muddy allotment we’re all here to help inspire you and your family to SOW, GROW and COOK, FRESH.

So whether you’re on the road to becoming the QUEEN or KING of sustainability or just in need of a steady supply of fresh herbs to rustle up a delish speedy recipe or cocktail, we’re here to help you get sprouting!

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You’re encouragement inspires us – so if you have any any ideas or suggestions to help us provide you with what you need please tell us what you think at theshed@plant-n-grow.com.



Mandy Bailey

CEO & Right Brain  linkedin-logo

Gnome loving founder of Plant-n-Grow who was born with a green obsession. Fascinated by the magic of growing, over 13 years Mandy turned her obsession into her first business.

Favourite Eats:
Unfair question…but love the mighty Brussel sprout and so many herbs..coriander, basil..(we’ll be here all day!)

Family & friends, reading, cooking & gnomes!

Fav Quote: “Why explain miracles to kids when you can just have them plant a garden”



Graeme Bailey

Chief of Operations & Left Brain  linkedin-logo

Keeps us all on track – quite literally.  Graeme keeps our Operations running smoothly for our customers and suppliers. He is passionate about sustainability and preserving the planet for future generations.

Favourite Eats:
Mini-Trees! as my nephew calls them – Broccoli.

Lazy weekends and current affairs

Fav Quote:“From little seeds grow mighty trees”



Ninja – Customer Order Management (the really important one!)

The most important person here at Shedquarters. Marjorie looks after the all the important needs of our customers and keeps our customer order management process moving like a well oiled machine.

Favourite Eats:
Broccoli & Cabbage….really!

Grandchildren & gardening.

Fav Quote: “The earth laughs in flowers”

Our Awards:

www.notonthehighstreet.com Make Awards - Start Success of the Year 2014

Great British Growing Awards 2015
Finalist - Best New Veg Growing Product

www.startacus.net Start-Up Of the Week

Entrepreneur to Watch 2015. Hi-Growth Potential Winner 2014

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Welcome to Plant-n-Grow. The home of no fuss indoor and outdoor grow your own plot-to-plate solutions that deliver all you need to sow, grow and cook. Reducing food waste and food miles and eating healthy and in season.

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