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Edible Flower Growing Kit


The Edible Flower Growing Kit contains:

  • High Quality Seeds; Cornflower ‘Blue Ball’, Calendula ‘Calypso Orange’, Nasturtium ‘Tom Thumb’ and Viola
  • Beautiful 5-step illustrated ‘how-to’ instruction booklet
  • Growing on, sowing outside, harvesting and uses instructions
  • Mini-Greenhouse
  • Mini Compost Discs
  • Gnome Plant Markers
  • Pencil
  • Specially created recipe card from award winning cook school for a ‘Blooming Salad’





The Edible Flower Growing Kit will bring a stunning, quirky and natural finish to your food and drink

Fragrant and versatile, the Edible Flower Kit can be used to sow and grow edible flower favourites to make stunning salads, desserts, cakes and breads.

This kit makes a thoughtful and quirky gift for the garden lover, baker or culinary genius in your life. Great for picking the vibrant leaves to add to salads, crystallising on cakes or stunning ice cubes for those summer drinks!

The Floralicious Edible flower Seed Starter Kit includes quality seeds:

Cornflower ‘Blue-Ball’, Calendula ‘Calypso Orange’, Nasturtium ‘Tom Thumb’ and Viola.

Grows From March indoors to be transplanted outdoors in April.

Box includes: Viola, Cornflower Blue Ball, Calendula Calypso Orange and Nasturtium ‘Tom Thumb’



The flowers have no fragrance and have a sweet but spicy clove flavour.

They are easy to grow in containers, window-boxes or borders

CALENDULA Calypso Orange

A ray of sunshine in the garden. One of the longest flowering plants with daisy like flowers. Great as both a cut flower as well as culinary use. Calendula is also an anti-infective and anti-inflammatory.  It helps seal and protect wounds when the petals are made into an infusion.


Great for growing on windowsills, containers and pots as they are compact little plants with beautiful flowers. Both the flowers and leaves can be eaten. The leaves have a peppery flavour similar to watercress and are high in vitamin c. The seeds can be used as a substitute for capers if picked when green.


Cute little flowers which will flower continuously from Summer to Winter. Viola really comes into their own used in ice cubes for drinks, cocktails or as a garnish for cakes and desserts.




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Viola Honey

  • 3/4 Jar of your favourite honey
  • 1 handful violet flower petals, lightly washed, dried

Gently rinse a handful of viola petals and air dry on kitchen paper. Once dried, stir the viola's into a jar of honey 3/4 full. Seal the lid on the honey and place in a saucepan 3/4 full of water. Slowly simmer the jar with honey for 1/2 hour. Remove jar from pan, using oven gloves as the jar will be very hot. Allow to cool. Infuse the honey for 3 -7 days before use. Keep the lid on during the infusion process. Now open and enjoy!


Sowing outside: Sow seed from end April-May after risk of frost and they will flower throughout the summer. Sow ¼” deep and up to 12” apart. Cover with soil and water.

Uses: Mix with other flowers and herbs for a salad, omelettes, pastas and garnishes.

TIP: If you want an earlier spring flowering, sow in August through to October.

CALENDULA Calypso Orange

Sowing outside: April to May. Sow seeds thinly at depth of ½” and cover with soil. Germination takes 5-10 days. For winter or early spring flowering, sow in late summer or early autumn in a propagator and grow on in a conservatory or cool greenhouse.

Uses: Slight peppery taste. Tangy in breads & soups and beautiful in a salad. Fresh or dried leaves can be used in place of saffron to colour rice or butters.


Sowing outside: From April when the soil has warmed up, sow thinly and cover with fine soil or scatter seeds and lightly rake in. Prefers full sun. It is advisable not to sow in a rich soil otherwise you will get plenty leaf and no flower.

Uses: Salads, desserts, baking, cocktails, butters, with cream cheese and as a garnish for steak and casseroles.

Flowers: From May to September.

TIP: Dead-head the plant to prolong flowering.


Sowing outside: Best to sow seeds where they are to flower. Sow in Spring to late Summer & early Autumn. Sow 3mm deep and cover with soil.

Uses: Great addition to salads, desserts and garnishes. These little beauties were made for baking and can be crystallized and used to decorate cakes and desserts.

Flowers: It will flower for most of the year if it’s happy.

Tip: Edible flower petals look fantastic in summer drinks. Place petals in your ice-cube tray. You can always add a piece of mint leaf, top up with water then freeze.

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