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Plantalicious Kids Grow Your Own Edible Garden Kit


The Kids Edible Garden Kit has been specially designed and tested with little sprouts in mind. The seeds are easy to grow varieties from a range of herbs, vegetables and edible flowers and includes:

• High quality seeds: Greek Basil, Carrot nantes, Nasturtium & Cherry Tomatoes

• Beautiful 5-step illustrated ‘how-to’ instruction booklet

• Growing on, sowing outside, harvesting and uses instructions

• Mini-Greenhouse (Propagator)

• Mini Compost Discs

• Gnome Plant Markers

• Pencil

• 4-page illustrated Activity Card

• Gnome sticker


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The Plantalicious Kids Edible Garden Kit is a great gift to the encourage the little gardeners to sow and grow their own.

Each kit comes complete with a beautifully illustrated child friendly instruction card and introduces three gnome helpers, Herbie, Digwell and Blossom. The gnome helpers guide children through the growing process in a fun and educational way with awesome facts and rotten veg jokes.

The 4-page activity card includes more awesome facts, gnome colouring, spot the difference and find the gnome activities.


GREEK BASILBasil is perfect for growing in pots. It has a sweet, aniseed flavour and is perfect with your tomatoes. You will know when it needs watered as it will start to wilt.


Carrots are high in the antioxidant beta carotene which converts to Vitamin A (to keep our bones, teeth and skin healthy). This cheeky chappie is fast growing and great for sowing early. Bright orange in colour and sweet to taste.

NASTURTIUM ‘Tom Thumb’ These little fire-crackers look great and you can eat the leaves and flowers! They have a peppery flavour and are great for growing on windowsills, containers and pots. They are fab for decorating cupcakes.


Did you know that a tomato is actually a fruit… not a veggie as it grows from a flowering plant. What would we do without them… no pizza or pasta sauce! That’s why there are over 7500 different varieties of tomato around the world! Delicious, sweet flavour and can be grown inside or out.


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The Kids Edible Garden Activity Card includes:

  • Awesome facts about bees & pollinators
  • Did You Know Facts: Greek Basil, Carrots & Nasturtium
  • Rotten Veg Jokes
  • Find Blossom
  • Herbie's Spot the Difference
  • Colour My Gnomes
  • Bring the Gnomes Home Activity

Greek Basil

Sowing outside: Outside in June, however start inside and transplant. Prefers a site in full sun.

Harvest: July and August (if grown outside).

Uses: Salads, pizza & pasta dishes, sauces, chicken, with cheese & ice-cubes.

Carrot nates

Sowing outside: April to June. Sow seeds thinly into growing site ¾“ deep. Sow carefully so you don’t have to thin out seedlings later. Grow in a weed free, light, well-drained soil. Great for growing in containers if you have limited space. Grow alongside spring onions,leeks or mint to help deter carrot root fly.

Uses: Soups, veggie dishes,

Cherry Tomatoes

Sowing Outside: Move your tomatoes into either a grow-bag or pot in a sunny position once all risk of jack frost has passed. When ready to plant out, acclimatise by placing outside during daylight hours and returning indoors during darkness over a period of 7 days. Transplant the seedlings you have grown indoors to a sheltered spot. Water often to keep compost moist. Feed weekly using tomato food once you see the first fruits are showing on the flowers. If sowing directly outside, sow seeds from end May after all risk of frost has passed. You may have to give them a little hand by staking them to keep them standing.

Harvest: When ripe from July to September.

Uses: Salads, sauces, pastas, snacking, roasted and with cheese.

Nasturtium ‘Tom Thumb’

Sowing outside: From April when the soil has warmed up, sow thinly and cover with fine soil or scatter seeds and lightly rake in. Prefers full sun.

Uses: Salads, desserts, baking, butters and cream cheese.

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